Don’t ask me where the name comes from. Use your imagination. There are probably a dozen names for this dish. My wife introduced me to it when we were first together 35 years ago; it ostensibly came from her Dad, who made it as a special treat on days when he was responsible for breakfast. It’s a strangely elegant rendition of the traditional “eggs over easy”; a neat little self-contained package, with the bread surrounding the egg and ready to sop up any liquidy yolk.

I use a water glass to cut out the center, and then fry the “hole” at the same time as the egg, providing just a little extra sopping power. This morning’s rendition with olive oil, organic super-jumbo eggs from the Hippies, multigrain loaf bread, and organic bacon smoked with real smoke in a smokehouse and then frozen in order to avoid using preservatives, and tomatoes from my uncle’s garden.

Spray some olive oil in a hot non-stick pan, put in the “holey” bread, crack the egg into the hole. Flip when the bottom is to your taste and then cook until the desired doneness of the yolk. Obviously, you have to use trial and error to establish the level of doneness you prefer. I like a runny yolk, but YMMV.

Absolutely delicious, washed down with Greek coffee with lots of kaimaki (the oily grinds that float to the top if you make your Greek coffee properly).