The average lifespan of a DE or single blade is about 3 good shaves. You can probably double that if you’re prepared to do a little more work on stubbly areas. I’m not. So, I’ve set three shaves as the benchmark, which also coincides pretty much with the number of times per week that I need to shave – one of the luxuries of working from home.

I’ve decided to make my gourmet shaving re-entry by focusing on one kit for the whole week. Last week’s setup was the Instutut Karité’ excellent shave cream, teamed up with the last of the Schick injectors – the “O” type – and one of my favorite brushes of all time, the vintage Simpson Best Badger #10 co-branded with Marhall Field & Co and obtained as New Old Stock several years ago.

The Karité produces a very fine lather, although it has a scent that takes some time getting used to. It reminds me of my Mother’s Oil of Olay – a very sweet and earthy “feminine” smell. Not my favorite.

The Last of the Schick Injectors is a wonderful razor and when I compare it to Schick’s latest and greatest, the Hydro 5, there is very little performance difference. Of course, the Injector doesn’t use the tug-and-cut technology that modern razors use – it is firmly rooted in the traditional slice and exfoliate method of the past – one that produces, IMHO, a better facial outcome in the long run.

The brush is a wonder. It is softer and thicker than my best Simpson’s modern brushes, and works up a very rich, thick, lather from just about any cream or soap.

An excellent series of shaves. I have to get back to Karité’s shave soap as well, but the smell……