I bought two beautiful sushi-grade tuna steaks from the fishmonger on Friday. My plan was to grill them on the BBQ for tonight’s dinner. A little boring. So I went to tastespotting.com, typed “tuna” into the search box and lo-and-behold, some 300 recipes appeared, each one more mouth-watering than the one before.

But one caught my eye: Tuna ceviche. I love ceviche. And it’s unbelievably easy to make. It does however require the absolute freshest and highest quality ingredients, especially the fish or seafood.

My tuna steaks were so fresh they screamed ceviche. I made the recipe, making sure to add the mango to the ceviche instead of using it as a garnish (the recipe author forgot to add it and used it as a “fan” instead). My wife, who is also my severest food critic, went nuts. “A definite re-do”, she announced!

The experience reminded me just what an awesome site Tastespotting is. I’ve now bookmarked it and placed it on the permanent tab roster when Firefox opens.