A few months ago we went on a wine/cider/cheese tour of the Chateauguay Valley, an emerging eco-tourism area increasingly renown for  local market (“terroir”) ingredients. Market, or Cuisine Terroir, is all the rage in Quebec, as I’m sure it is throughout North America. We love this part of the province, and its micro-climate which makes it the warmest region of Quebec, ideal for growing hardy grapes, pear, apples, etc. And tourism has yet to catch on, which means very low prices for just about everything, not to mention an absence of traffic jams.

This time we brought two other couples, renting  a large 7 passenger van so that we could all be together instead of taking two cars.

Once again we stayed at the absolutely astonishing Moulin des Capucines. One can hardly call it a B&B. It surpasses every B&B we’ve ever stayed at, and I liken it more to a small, fine hotel. The experience is accentuated by the presence of the owners, Guy and Micheline, who treat you like a visiting family member rather than a guest.

Micheline’s breakfast once again broke all boundaries and set new standards with her garden’s raspberries, thick creamy omelet made with morning-picked fresh eggs from her neighbor’s coops, Gaspesian smoked salmon, local cheeses, local maple-butter, home-made duck creton, artisanal breads and croissant, edible flowers from her garden, and to-die-for crepes smothered in maple syrup and topped with raspberries.

All under the watchful eye of Tryphon, her 110 lb. Bernese Mountain dog.

We crossed the small suspension bridge that spans the Rivière des Anglais (English river), a small stream that crosses their 30 acres, and could see the deep pools that promise trout for the fly-fisher. I vowed to come back with my son before the season ends.

The girls went into Micheline’s raspberry fields and filled baskets with the most delicious berries I’ve ever eaten. I’m now spoiled forever and the thought of eating the shit that gets transported from Mexico or California is now anathema.

As Tribole and Resch say in Intuitive Eating: “If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. If you do love it…savor it”. My new mantra.