Traveling in Toronto this week. Today’s hotel is the Sheraton 4 Points Meadowvale. A very nicely renovated hotel, generally well thought out, and with all the amenities in the right places. But once again I encountered the dreaded Feminist Toilet, a blight upon the hotel landscape, at least if you’re a man.

When I first encountered the Feminist Toilet a couple of years ago I thought it was an anomaly; a manufacturing flaw perhaps. But now I’m seeing it more and more, and in different hotels. Here’s how this abomination works…and it’s intentional!

First you’ll notice that the toilet is always new, i.e. It isn’t some rickety old contraption where the tank-lid somehow shifted and now blocks the seat from coming fully erect. Because this is the design of the Feminist Toilet: It INTENTIONALLY blocks the seat from staying up! Oh, the lid stays up, but not the seat!

In order to pee, a man has three choices:

1. Sit, i.e. never going to happen.
2. Bend down and hold the seat up with your left hand while you try to point Wilbur in the right direction, usually forcing you to pee on your shoes or your pants.
3. Leave the seat down and try to pee into the now diminished hole, resulting in a wet seat.

I believe that the vast majority of men wil choose option 3, thereby negating any benefits that Feminists expect from this cruel joke; ultimately women will, instead of now having to simply LIFT up the f*#^ng seat, they wil have to wash it before using it!

Who thinks up this stupid shit, and what corporate numbskulls endose it? Talk about anti-human gender discrimination and Fascism!