Back to Toronto again for the week (more nursing home interviews). Looking forward to more encounters with the Feminist Toilet and other goodies that the hotel industry (among others) dream up to assault us with every day. I’m particularly looking forward to airline security, which I haven’t gone through in a few months; always exciting to see how many new ways have been invented to humiliate the paying customer in the interim.

With the  exception of bordellos where one pays for bondage, discipline, and humiliation, the airline industry is the only one I can think  to whom you also pay large sums for the privilege of being assaulted. What new rules will have been developed in the few months I’ve been away, I wonder?

I’ve cut back on air travel by at least 75%, preferring to either drive, take the train, or use teleconferencing. But it seems the industry is nonplussed. I read a statistic that as newly wealthy nations like China begin to take up travel for fun, it will essentially guarantee a 100% uptake of airline capacity for at least a generation. No worries, and no need to treat the passenger differently from cargo (unless you’re in Business or First Class).