It now seems that every time I fly, I get sick. Back from Toronto Thursday night on Air Chance, and by Saturday morning a roaring head and chest cold. I’m supposed to fly to Toronto again on Thursday but doubt I’ll have recovered. Not a great idea to spread the germs to other passengers, not to mention my clients.

I remember when I was younger I could work through a cold quite easily, but these last few years there’s no such thing as a mild cold; each one just bowls me over and it takes 7-10 days to recover. I’m following my son’s cure: Two aspirin and massive amounts of water chugged…about a liter at a time. He almost never gets a cold and when he does recovers within 24 hours. When he was young we called him Superman; he only got his first cold at 12 years old, and has maybe had a total of 5-6 his whole life. Twenty-six years old and never a cavity either! He must be doing something right.

I was up at 4:30 AM unable to breathe from the nose. I defrosted a coupe liters of home-made chicken stock, and had a couple of cups. It really helped. Later in the morning, I made matzoh balls for the longer term Jewish penicillin cure.

A great way to spend the Canadian Thanksgiving week-end. And tomorrow, we have 12 people coming for the traditional dinner.