Today I almost launched my iMac out the window. I hate this machine so much that I am brimming over with anger at myself. It’s not so much the machine’s fault, but it is Apple’s fault for deceiving potential users with the belief that their hardware and OS can easily operate as a virtual machine in order to run Windows programs. This is an outright lie. To the extent that the Mac is a wonderful stand-alone machine and OS, it is equally the most pathetic Windows machine imaginable. To describe it as slow would be like naming a snail “Flash” (my Son named his turtle “Flash” come to think of it).

Parallels 6 running Windows 7 Ultimate is an abomination! Apple should have had the guts to just say, “Look, this is what we do. If you want to run Windows programs, buy a Windows machine”. But they were greedy. Like Ferrari suggesting it would be a great car for hauling lumber if you attached a trailer to it. Business message: Stay true to what you do well.

Today was the fourth service call to Parallels. Another wasted hour with no resolution. They keep trying the same non-solutions.