In and out of Toronto today; three meetings back-to-back and then home. Flew Porter Airlines in and out of Toronto Island Airport. What a wonderful airline. Lots of staff, helpful people with a “can do” attitude, and ready to accommodate special requests to make you comfortable. The return flight is only about 75% full so I jokingly asked if the check-in agent wanted to take pity on the poor soul next to me; at 6’2″, 250+ lbs, it can’t be fun for that person on a small prop-powered commuter plane. She jigged the keyboard for a few minutes and finally said, “No problem I’ve blocked the seat next to you”.

The staff are all impeccably dressed in their uniforms (the flight attendants wear the traditional pill-box cap); all very professional. And at a price lower than Air Canada. I’ll never forget the last AC flight I took in Business Class last year. I was chatting with the flight attendant and commented how grateful I was to be in Business Class because of my size. She glanced over at the Economy cabin, leaned over and whispered to me in a conspiratorial hush, “You know what we call them?”. “Cargo”, she laughed. Nice.

No wonder Porter is profitable and growing. Air Canada and most of the big airlines long ago lost sight of the customer…..unless he’s in Business or First Class.