On the heels of my last post, Technus Interruptus, I caught CBC’s wonderful Doc Zone series and the premiere of Are We Digital Dummies?, an exploration of what technology has done to the brain’s ability to sustain focus, and its consequences for a whole generation of young people. See the full documentary here. Unfortunately, you’ll have to put up with the commercials up front.

Despite years of continuous government funding cuts, the CBC is emerging as a wonderful alternative to all the crap on network TV. Its programming is for the most part innovative, original, and rooted in its historical news and documentary strengths. I never liked the CBC, but things have changed on two fronts: 1) Network programming has become so mindless and formulaic, and 2) The CBC has had to dig deep in its soul to emerge leaner, more focused, and far more creative.

Check out the links to all the great documentaries this season, as well as viewing past episodes on this page.