Once a year, I review our various service contracts for things like cellphones, TV, internet, long-distance plans, etc. In general anything involving high-tech, since these tend to be very competitive areas and vendors will rarely (read never) tell you about a deal if you’re already a customer on a more lucrative (for them) plan. So it’s good to keep them honest (as if that were actually possible).

Yesterday I looked at my plan with our  cable company. They presently supply our TV, internet, and telephone (two lines). Here’s the breakdown:

TV – $40/month

Telephone – $45/month

Internet – $65/month

If you’ve ever wondered about just how much the internet has changed our lives, these figures are quite staggering. The two biggest traditional entertainment and communication modalities are being eclipsed by our usage of the internet. And to add insult to injury, the phone is on Voip, i.e. it’s actually on the internet too!