I used to back up my hard-drive once a week on a portable external drive. Then one day it struck me that in the event of a fire, I would still lose everything; not to mention if thieves chose to take it along in a robbery (we were robbed once before about 15 years ago). There’s more than 16 years of work on that drive; hundreds of templates I’ve developed, proposals, reports, not to mention a huge archive of photographs.

Eventually, I decided to start storing the portable drive in my bank safe-deposit box. It was a major pain in the butt, and I would routinely forget to go to the bank, bring home the drive, back it up, and then return it to the bank. Not my greatest moment of judgment, as in, “What WERE you thinking?”.

A couple of years ago I discovered Mozy.com. It’s an external data storage company….in the “cloud” to use the current jargon. There are by now many companies offering this service, including McAfee on-line, and even some of the ISP’s. It’s very inexpensive. Mozy costs me about $5 a month or $60 per year. Considering that a portable 1T hard-drive runs around $100, it’s not a bad deal. And Mozy won’t break down and lose your data.

The fist backup takes a few days (I had 118 Gigs to back up), but the daily backup routine only backs up any files that have changed since the last time.

The basic version at $4.95/month is wonderful because it has unlimited data storage. The downside is that it has no phone support, which is a real nightmare if you have a problem. I just spent three days using their technical chat service to try to make it work properly on my new iMac, and it’s the shits…a complete waste of time. I finally reamed them out on the follow-up feedback form which they automatically email, and  a live agent called me to solve the problem ear-to-ear. He even took control of my computer using WebEx and fixed it right as rain in about 15 minutes. Nice, but I shouldn’t have to have a freaking heart-attack to get service.