Last night we were bombarded by a new TV commercial that seemed to dominate the station breaks. It was a strange scene showing a bunch of nefarious looking characters playing a Monopoly-style board game, but instead of Boardwalk and Park Place, there was Iraq, as well as other international hot-spots. The ad’s tag line was simply: RT: Question More (with a subscript for

I was curious, so I went to the web site. In contrast to the crudeness of the ad, the web site itself is quite slick. If you dig a little deeper on Google, you find that RT stands for Russia Today and is that country’s major foray into the international news broadcasting arena, in English. Its stated purpose is to present the Russian point of view on international events, from politics (naturally) to sports, and culture.

The web site itself is extremely well done, neatly organized and accessible. Think of it as Russia’s CNN. And while the content is certainly as skewed and lacking in objectivity as CNN and Fox, that doesn’t really matter; we know it’s all bullshit anyway – it’s having two different views of the same bullshit that counts! Sadly, that’s the only way to understand the news today: Accept that every point of view is skewed, so get as many points-of-view as you can in order to draw some sort of balanced perspective for yourself.

So now we have CNN, CBC, BBC, RT, and Aljazeera, all reporting on the same events. It’s really cool to see it from each perspective.

Apparently, RT has been around since 2005. I never heard of it, which is probably why they are running commercials….to pick up news-lazy characters like myself who have tended to trust local (US and Canadian) news agencies for my “truth”. It turns out that “The truth is out there”, but you’ve got to work a lot harder to find it these days.