I’ve been using Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil pre-shave soap (MR GLO – an acronym coined by Leisureguy) for close to two years now. It’s great stuff and really sets up the beard and face for a wonderful shave. But in recent months I find myself increasingly averse to strong smells; I’ve stopped using aftershaves, with the exception of the highly diluted Booster line of splashes. Commercial body washes are anathema. Most shampoos intolerable. I use Mitchum unscented deodorant and plan on switching my post-shave face moisturizer to Canderm’s Cliniderm lotion (unscented).

MR GLO has a very strong lime smell ( to me, YMMV). It’s also expensive once you factor in shipping at $10 a bar. It does last a long time though (maybe 4 months). I’ve been looking for an unscented alternative and chanced upon Neutragena’s venerable clear glycerin face soap (now available in unscented). It’s been around forever; I used it as a teenager and I remembered it working really well. Plus I’ve been using Neutragena’s Anti-Residue shampoo for about a year (almost unscented) and it works extremely well. So I gave their soap another try and I confess it works every bit as well as MR GLO at half the cost, while being readily available at any pharmacy. And I really like the lack of scent.