When I was a teenager, my mother used to call me “The soul of contrariness” because I would resist just about any advice or opinion she offered (and she offered them unsolicited almost constantly!). One of my favorite recent quotes was offered by Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame when asked why he did what he did, he replied, “I’m a very combative person, I like crushing bastards”.

As a result of this tendency to question and challenge everything, I have developed a great fondness for irreverence, and a parallel distaste for political correctness. Vegans, vegetarians, abstainers, the strongly religious, the lactose and gluten pseudo-intolerant, emaciated six-hour a day exercisers, self-help gurus….all piss me off. They underscore the pathetic human need for assurance, control, and the reduction of ambiguity. Ironically, it is imperfection, ambiguity, and unpredictability that add texture to human life and make it an adventure rather than a predictable bus-ride.

Yesterday, I discovered a wonderful line of artisanal sausages made in the Kamouraska region of Quebec, and sold under the Si Pousse du Quebec brand. For non-francophones this translates to “Homegrown Quebec” in slang.  So this morning I hunted down their web site and found it to be nicely politically incorrect. Well worth a visit (and a hunt to find them, they are, BTW, absolutely delicious – I bought the blue-cheese and black beer versions).

The web site (only in French) is entitled “Crazy for Pigs and Saws” (translated) and shows a drawing of a pig being cut in half by a large saw. I can just hear the vegetarians squealing with horror (They should wonder where their leather shoes came from, or the Asian sweatshops that made their synthetic running shoes using child labor).

Anyway, great products, with just the right “up yours” sentiment to appeal to bastards like me.