After writing about Gastrolux pans yesterday, I cruised by our local restaurant supply dealer to have a look at what the pricing has done since the last time I bought one five years ago. Like most consumer goods, they haven’t moved much in price, a function of low interest rates, lousy economic conditions, the strength of the Canadian dollar, and competition.

Speaking of competition, there was a new and very similar-looking line of pots and pans as the Gastrolux; same shapes, sizes, and “look” of the surface and handles. Nevertheless, they were noticeably lighter (but not by much). What was distinctive though was their price….one-third the price of each equivalent Gastrolux piece. I looked at the labeling and it said, “Made in the PRC”. PRC? It took me a moment to realize that the PRC is the People’s Republic of China…a clever pseudo-disguise that may fool some people (but not many I would hope). Of course, this confirms that the Chinese are painfully aware of the low-quality perception attached to anything that says, “Made in China”.

Note to Wife: I didn’t buy anything, so no need to look in the pan drawers 🙂