In the world of oxymorons, naming a treacherously sharp blade a “Feather” is the height of cruel paradox. Feather blades from Japan are the only DE blades that can actually make my heart rate increase in anticipatory anxiety. Yet, they remain an occasional dalliance; a touching of the finger to the flame in order to see just how close you can get.

Today’s foray left me with a number of small painful scrapes; I’m by now too good a DE shaver to actually get real cuts. But the Feather doesn’t actually cut you (although it certainly can and with almost no pain…it’s that sharp!). Instead, any carelessness in razor angle can make it go in so close as to literally take the skin off almost to the capillaries. This leaves painful, red blotches that scream in agony once the alum block is applied.

And if you practice a mixed shaving model, i.e. sometimes using a modern cartridge razor like the Schick Hydro 5 when in a hurry, you risk acquiring a Devil-may-care casualness for which the Feather is very unforgiving.