I had never heard of Avaaz.org and was very surprised to learn of its existence and activities. It made its way into my radar through an acquaintance on the hippie circuit…a local politician, environmental activist, organic food supporter, and home schooler. Yes, despite all this I still opened her email! 🙂

Avaaz.org seems like a pretty powerful concept for organizing social change through getting your voice heard. Nevertheless, I’m always wary; as an inveterate Groucho Marxist (“I could never belong to a club that would have me as a member”), I’m always leery of groups, teams, social clubs, and other identifications.

Their latest campaign is around the banning of the neonicotenoid (nicotine) pesticides that scientists believe are killing off the world’s bees. This is no small problem; bees are an essential component in the food production process and their decline is a potential global catastrophe of biblical proportions.