I came across a fascinating little book this morning: Aldo Buzzi’s 1979 ode to wonderful food “secrets”, The Perfect Egg and Other Secrets. This is a collection of brief vignettes that can be read in sequence or independently, each built around a recipe or food discovery. For example, the perfect sunny-side up egg is best cooked over low heat, with little fat, and with the egg cracked into a bowl from which the yolk is held back with a spoon until the egg white has firmed a little. The idea here is that the firming egg white insulates the more delicate yolk from the direct heat of the pan. As soon as the white turns, well, slightly white…..you add the yolk on top.

Buzzi also has an interesting recipe for a single egg omelet which involves first making a very loose flour and water slurry, to which the beaten egg is added and then fried as any normal omelet. Sounds a bit like an omelet souflé.

And wonder of wonders, the book is available as a Kindle edition for instant download. Leisureguy points out that the hardcover edition is available new from several Amazon resellers at a little less than the Kindle price.

You can even read the TOC and first few chapters at Google books, here.