Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6 AM, my Son and I, along with a few male friends and relatives, are heading to Ste. Anne de la Perade, the legendary and world-famous capital of the annual Tommycod run, located about 2 hours East of Montreal. Each year, 4 million or so small codfish make their way from the Atlantic, up the St. Lawrence River, to their millennial spawning grounds. There, every year as they have since the days before the white man showed his face in North America, the Tommycod are fished from beneath the ice. Temporary cabins are set up on the ice, holes are bored, and fishing lines with multiple hooks set up at different depths. The hooks are baited with pork liver, a favorite of the ravenous Tommycod.

One of my business partners went a couple of years ago and caught over 200 in the span of a day. They make for good eating apparently, although being quite bony, are best served deep-fried so that the bones soften up and become edible (like small catfish).

I’m bringing a cast-iron pan, some tempura batter, and oil.

Here’s our outfitter, with a pretty comprehensive web site and some interesting recipes.