Kids these days! That expression has always been something of a pejorative, usually accompanied by a negative head-shake and or/”tsk, tsk”. It may have seen its heyday in the ’60’s, when young people challenged and defied almost every value and law set out by their elders – just for the Hell of it and not because it always made particular sense to do so. And it’s true, kids today aren’t nearly as rebellious as we were, IMHO, although I find them more evolutionary than revolutionary…..revamping the system from the inside out; more reasoned, more measured, smarter (look at Facebook for example).

I’m pretty impressed by the young people I come in contact with and know. They may not be making lots of money yet, but they seem to prefer doing things they love rather than putting up with a lot of shit because it pays well. And in my book, that’s ultimately more likely to lead you to both financial and personal success.

Mr. Italo’s daughter, Caryna went to Ireland, fell in love with the place and has made it her home. She left a high-paying corporate job to go to culinary school and become a professional baker. She’s already opened her own business, Caryna’s Cakes, and is on her way to a brilliant career doing something she loves. Don’t be surprised if you see her on the Food Network some day!

Caryna’s blog is well worth a read. She writes in a very entertaining and readable manner. I’ve put the link in the permanent blogroll at right, or you can visit her site here.

P.S. Courtesy of Leisureguy, here’s a hilarious video on the topic of “Kids”: