I’m often amazed by my own stupidity at times (although some of my friends might not be 🙂 ). No matter how smart you think you are, or how well educated and sophisticated in the ways of human behavior, psychology, marketing and other forms of deception, we are all vulnerable to the subtle messaging that others use to influence our decisions in their favor (especially when money is involved….see The First Premise of Money).

A case in point. When I was growing up there was no Tupperware….or if there were, my widowed Mom sure couldn’t afford it working two jobs in a sweatshop. The golden age of boomer demand for all things domestic (which started in the early ’70’s as we hit our twenties and started families) heralded a feeding frenzy of Tupperware parties, which before long had us drowning in the stuff.

In the ’90’s research started coming out that cooking in plastic containers was verboten, and by then despite being very well made, our Tupperware had turned yellow and nasty looking after 20 years of service. Around that time, reusable but semi-disposable plastic containers became the rage….you could store stuff, but didn’t really mind when people you gave them to (filled with goodies) failed to return them. In parallel with this phenomenon, commercial plastic containers (like from yogurt, cream cheese, etc.) became recyclable, and we found ourselves in the rather insane situation of buying containers in which to store food while throwing out plastic containers in which food came! It sort of reminds me of the shock my monk friends on Mount Athos had when I told them we threw out leftovers, while buying dogfood for our dog! They were scandalized at this sacrilege.

And so to my astonishing epiphany and confession of stupidity. Why not reuse the freaking yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, and other plastic containers? Wow! Brilliant Bubcheck. My Tupperware drawer is now full of a great variety of containers, all with perfect snap lids, and I don’t give a hoot if I never get them back! And they’re essentially free.