GOPM stands for Glorious One Pot Meals, after the eponymous book by Elizabeth Yarnell. Leisureguy has been raving about this style of cooking for about a year, and has posted some wonderful recipes on his blog. If you search under GOPM on his site, you’ll find lots of great ones.

I hadn’t understood that this wasn’t a slow-cooker method at all, but according to Yarnell, a new way of cooking for which she has secured two patents. Leisureguy has an excellent explanation of the method and the differences vs slow coking, here.

I finally bit the bullet and made one, using my wife’s excellent Emile Henry ceramic Dutch oven. I decided on a cassoulet of my own design, following the principles laid out in Yarnell’s book (which I bought on-line as a Kindle e-book from Amazon, for my iPad).

I layered onions, white canned navy beans, thick lamb-chops, fresh chorizo and Merguez sausages, carrots, zucchini, Napa cabbage, a few leftover toy choy from the night before, and canned stewed Italian plum tomatoes (without liquid), in that order. The 6 liter oval Dutch oven was full to the brim. I cooked it exactly one hour at the required 450F. The rule of thumb is three minutes from the time of your first strong whiff of the cooked food.

My wife is my worst food critic. She is a hyper-taster who will not eat anything she doesn’t absolutely love (that’s why she’s thin). She loved it and branded it a “definite re-do”. Better than the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

This is a fascinating way to cook; very easy, very fast, very healthful, and one that will from now on feature very prominently in our kitchen. Well worth a try. Yarnell also has a web site chock full of great information and recipes, here.

The recipes in her book and web site are all geared to two servings in a smaller pot. My 6 liter produced 5-6 servings, hence the slightly longer cooking time from the benchmark 45 minutes. Great leftovers for tonight. One note of caution…the meat and vegetables will produce a lot of water, so go real easy on any additional liquids.