If there are worship words in the world of wet shaving, then “Fat Boy” must be among the most sacred. This Gillette razor, made between 1958 – 1961 is an iconic object-of-desire for most serious gourmet shavers. In mint condition, it will fetch from $150-$350 on eBay. This for a 50 year old-razor that likely sold for a couple of bucks in its time!

The Fat Boy is an adjustable razor that delivers an excellent shave (although I still find the classic Merkur HD head more effective for my face). I was lucky enough to find one in mint condition about 4 years ago, just as the traditional wet-shaving re-genesis was taking place, and before prices had skyrocketed (I think I paid about $30).

I used my Fat Boy yesterday, in concert with my vintage “new old-stock” 1960’s Simpson brush and the dregs of my beloved Gold Dachs soap (perhaps the greatest shaving soap ever made…if you can actually find it for sale).

A wonderful shave, and a great feeling using these craftsman’s tools so many years after they were made. A great contrast to the disposable products we live with every day. I liked this quote from Kyle on Badger & Blade re: the Fat Boy: “Gillette reached the pinnacle of their creative prowess (not to be confused with BS prowess) when they designed this razor”.