Yesterday, a reader asked me to compare Gold-Dachs to Mitchell’s Wool Fat shave soap; a tough comparison because the two are my all-time favorite shaving soaps. I commented that each performed superbly but had very different scents, likely due to their bases, G-D being vegetal, and Mitchell’s animal.

The brief exchange stimulated my desire for another Mitchell’s shave today, so I retrieved my ceramic container with its almost new puck of soap from my cabinet. I opened the lid and saw a number of dark brown spots on the surface, as well as a few tiny flies in the cracks that normally occur once the soap dries. I was stunned. Flies feed on Mitchell’s and use it to deposit their eggs????? I checked all my other soaps – Tabac, R&G, L’Occitane, Kell’s, etc. – and not one showed any similar signs of infestation. In fact, the cabinet is spotlessly clean and free of dust as it has a nicely sealing door.

I was tempted to clean off the soap and reuse it (guys are like that), but I must admit it did look a little disgusting and counter-intuitive given that gourmet shaving is supposed to be a pleasure. So, I regretfully threw it out – even more regretfully as it was my last one.

I’ve never heard of this before on any of the discussion boards; and Mitchell’s does get a lot of airtime.