Mr. Italo is traveling in South Carolina on business. He sent this photo to describe his dismay at eating with a colleague at a local restaurant. His associate ordered the spaghetti with meat sauce, which came with garlic bread (probably with margarine), and the pasta topped with Kraft grated pseudo-cheese. Adding insult to injury, Mr. Italo’s colleague also CUT THE PASTA.

So many violations of Italian “authentic” food protocol, one hardly knows where to begin; soggy pasta, served with bread (a definite no-no, like serving rice and potatoes) spread with powdered garlic and margarine (what the f^#k is that?), grated powdered cheese “product” – any one of these enough to explode the average Italian head – but cutting the pasta?  What crazy Philistine would do that?

Anyway, I didn’t have the heart to tell him – he was so upset – but looking at that photo made my mouth water. It brought back memories of high-school cafeteria lunches in the days when I was really hungry, and neighborhood greasy-spoon meals growing up in East-end, blue collar Montreal – “Un bon spagat avec une Pepsi, S’Il Vous Plait”.

Man, I could really go for a plate of this right about now, Kraft cheese and all: