I’ve always found it funny how some people dress up their small dogs with all kinds of outfits; it’s one of those “I just don’t get it” phenomena.

But last week, Mr. Italo and I were taught the meaning of perspective in judging others. He and I have been scrambling to find the various errant accessories for our new Fuji X100 cameras. This has been a daunting task since the cameras were caught up in the Japanese tsunami disaster; the factory only slowly coming back on line. Accessories such as the case and the lens hood have been even scarcer than the cameras themselves, fetching sometimes double their retail value on eBay. Yesterday, I completed my kit: Case, lens hood, a Thumbs Up thumb-rest, and soft release button.

Recounting my various victories to Mr. Italo, I received an email from his Mrs., with the rather painful observation: “You two remind me of those silly people looking for outfits to dress their doggies”. Ouch.

Awesome camera BTW. Deserving of the term, “Groundbreaking”.