I saw my cardiologist on Monday and my blood pressure was pretty high. He once again reiterated that we can’t keep chasing the weight with meds….but then proceeded to add a new med to my existing one. I guess we CAN keep chasing the weight!

I did however decide to clean up my blood-pressure act a little. I cut out my morning Greek coffee (a.k.a. The Defibrillator), stopped my nearly daily glass of wine (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it does drive blood pressure up), and decided to get my salt intake down to recommended levels (between 1800-2500 mg depending on who you listen to).

The first two were pretty easy, but the salt is insane! As I now peruse all the labels, it’s clear that just about anything the hand of Man touches, is loaded with salt. It is virtually impossible to stay within limits and enjoy a broad diet. Bread, cheese, olives, pasta….they’re all loaded with salt. A couple of servings of each and you’re done for the day; and that’s before you’ve even added meat, fish, and chicken (which all have quite a bit of naturally occurring salt). A small whole-grain English muffin has 450 mg; one quarter of a day’s allowance! Add a hard-boiled egg and a half-ounce of cheese and you’re up to 650 mg. for breakfast.

Eating in restaurants becomes almost impossible since their cuisine is almost universally based on the holy-trinity of taste: fat, sugar, and salt. Thankfully, we’ve moved away from eating out over the last 10 years and now only do so perhaps once or twice a month.

On a positive note, decreasing the salt automatically forces you into “clean eating” – predominantly fresh foods, mainly fruits, vegetables, grilled meats and fish, salads, etc. Hey, it might even help the weight!