Matilda has settled into a routine. I’m usually up very early in the Summer and grab my first cup of coffee on the patio around 6 AM. She’s always draped over the large hole in our massive maple where she has made her nest, obviously exhausted from her night’s food hunt and from feeding the babies that are still somewhere in the den.

Later in the morning, she goes into the nest, emerging a few hours later to once again look for food. I always thought raccoons were nocturnal animals, but perhaps that pattern changes when they’ve given birth and need to replenish their nutrients.

It’s hot today, but with a strong and pleasant wind. It’s around 4 PM and Matilda has emerged from the den, climbing up one of the large branches and draping herself over a notch to take advantage of the breeze before heading out for the afternoon hunt.

She has given us much entertainment.