We’ve been eating a ton of yogurt lately; for breakfast with berries, as the base for homemade tzatziki, and as a mid-day and bedtime snack. Our preferred type is what’s called Greek Style, i.e. strained to a quite-thick consistency.

It’s the kind of yogurt I ate in Greece on my many visits and always found it much more pleasant than the commercial varieties available in Canada. Fortunately, it’s now readily available here and in a couple of brands. My favorite North American variety is FAGE Greek Yogurt, made in the USA. I routinely smuggle a couple of dozen small containers when I drive back from a US vacation. But alas, FAGE is not available in Canada, and the Canadian versions are somewhat chalky and dry, unless you buy the cream-enhanced versions like KREMA (from Olympic Dairies) which are loaded with fat at 10%. And it’s all pretty expensive, a 500 g. tub running about 5 bucks.

So, today I decided to get back to making homemade yogurt from scratch. Unfortunately a few months ago I threw out my Yogotherm yogurt maker (a simple device consisting of a Styrofoam outer shell that keeps the 2 liter plastic tub warm during fermentation. So off to Tau Natural Foods to get another one. While there I noticed an electric one made right here in Quebec, Yogourmet, and which came with a thermometer and cotton straining bag for thickening the yogurt if desired. The company also makes the starter culture and extra inner tubs (a bargain at $3.99) so that you can start a fresh batch just as the old one is almost finished.

I made my first batch this afternoon and it’s fermenting as I write. In 4.5 hours I’ll check the consistency and if good, I’ll refrigerate it. Fresh homemade yogurt tomorrow morning!