It’s been a few years since I made homemade yogurt, and as my daughter reminded me yesterday, I hadn’t thrown out the old Yogotherm, in fact, I had given it to her!

Just before refrigerating the new batch made on the Yogourmet, I put four paper towels on top of the yogurt and placed the container in the fridge, following my Aunt’s method for removing excess whey. Within a couple of hours these were soaked through and I replaced them. By morning, these towels were also completely soaked, but lo and behold, the yogurt had an incredibly thick and creamy texture. We had some for breakfast and again after lunch. Deeelicious! And I’d like to say, “Easy as pie”, but pie is really hard to make; yogurt is very, very simple to make.

Can’t wait to experiment with different cultures and types of milk. I’m trying to find sheep’s milk which makes the spectacular yogurt we find in Greece.