Last year, my cousin in Ottawa gave me two wonderful gifts: A new Moss Scuttle and an Ayer’s Bowl for lathering. Both are made by Nova Scotia potter Sara Bonnyman, who is something of a legend in shaving circles.

I must confess I didn’t know what to do with the Ayer’s Bowl, beautiful as it was; I’ve always loaded my brush on the soap and then lathered directly on my face. A lathering bowl seemed an unnecessary additional step.

Then came Creamy Lather. I found the various containers in which shaving soaps come rather constricting when it comes to working the soap aggressively; my brush keeps hitting the edge of the container and sometimes even knocks it out of my hands. Eureka! Why not try making Creamy Lather in my Ayer’s Bowl? With it’s ridged bottom, it should provide a wonderful surface for building a masive lather.

Massive Lather! I think I’ll trademark that term as an uber-form of Creamy Lather. No joke: working a soap puck directly in the very wide Ayer’sBowl, stiff brush or not, produces a HUGE creamy lather – never seen anything like it.

Forget shave soap native containers, scuttles, coffee mugs, etc. The Ayer’s Bowl rules when it comes to making Creamy Lather!