It’s my birthday today; thank you, thank you. I’m sure I’m going to win the lottery since it appears to be a numerologically magical and very lucky day…..11-7-11. Wish I had bought a ticket!

I almost never buy lottery tickets. I say “never” because I actually did buy and won a Mini-Lotto some years ago…..$100. I figured then that my lottery luck had been exhausted and there was no further point. Besides, the rare times I have bought a ticket, my son has looked at me with disdain, mumbling something about lotteries as “The tax on stupidity”.

My father-in-law played the lottery every week for most of his life, even until his final minutes on his hospital deathbed, cajoling my Mother-in-law to not forget to buy a ticket that week; he was convinced he would win just before dying and finally leave a legacy for his kids. Of course, it may have never struck him that the large sums he gambled over the years, had he actually invested them in a house, would have returned the near equivalent of a small lottery win at today’s crazy house prices!