In addition to cutting way back on my salt intake, I also drastically reduced my intake of highly refined carbohydrates. These two activities serve as a synergistic double-whammy on the appetite; cutting the salt reduces the drive for flavor as a source of emotional gratification, and cutting the simple carbs reduces the insulin spikes that fuel the biological hunger for food (glucose).

But I love bread. As I’ve stated before, I don’t think I can live without bread. It’s the reason that all low-carb diets are unsustainable; sure they’re effective, but the body/brain/mind constantly crave sugar and eventually you succumb.

Well, it turns out that the Bible holds the answer. There’s a company called Food for Life that makes the most amazingly tasty and satisfying sprouted-grain breads, muffins, tortillas, etc., all quirkily  branded with Biblical references. To try their Ezekiel 4:9 English muffins is to forget about any muffins you’ve ever tried before. I don’t mean, “They’re great….for whole grain”. I mean, “They’re great, bar none!”.

My wife is a very finicky natural intuitive eater. If it isn’t great, it doesn’t get past her lips, no matter how good it is for her. She’s been burning thorough these breads at a wild pace….while also losing weight!

If you want a little taste of Heaven, run down to the health-food store and stock up; they’re in the freezer section as they have no preservatives.