I downloaded Apple’s new Lion OSX operating system for the Mac yesterday, a very easy affair, just go to the App Store and for $29.95 it downloads and installs very quickly and seamlessly. There are a few improvements to Snow Leopard, but in general, nowhere near the hype from Apple.

One extremely annoying feature though, is that Apple has reversed the direction of the two-finger mouse-pad scroll. It used to be the same as in Windows computers: scroll the fingers down to move the page down and up to move it up. What possessed them to reverse this is completely beyond me. We have all learned to do it the “Windows way” for 30 years, and now we have to change? And Apple has the audacity and hubris to call this “natural mode” in the Preferences tab. Thank God you can tick off the selection and go back to what I call the “normal way”.

Some companies become so enamored of their own hype that they begin to believe they can dictate just about anything to users. I once had a company president (a distinguished-looking 45 year old German) who felt so all-powerful that he passed a dictate that all men in the company must piss sitting down (he didn’t like seeing “splash marks” on the bowl). He even posted notices to the effect on the company bulletin board. He was fired shortly thereafter, and P.S…..I never followed the directive.