Pharma industry news reports that Israel has exported two dogs, specially trained to detect Viagra, to Finland. The dogs were originally trained in The Netherlands. Apparently, counterfeit drugs are a huge problem in Israel (and around the world), with little awareness among the population that the majority of erectile-dysfunction drugs purchased on the internet, on the street, and even in some pharmacies, are fakes containing either sugar or other potentially deadly ingredients.

The dogs are apparently only trained to detect Viagra but none of the other competitive drugs such as Levitra or Cialis. All fine and dandy.

But here’s the logical disconnect. If the Israeli Ministry of Health is actually doing this to protect the citizenry from ineffective or dangerous fakes, since the dogs are trained to only detect Viagra, how will they actually detect the dangerous fakes that contain no Viagra??

Smells to me (sorry for the pun) that the real goal here is to protect the legitimate manufacturer from low-priced copies of the real drug. No? Am I missing something?

I wish these news reports weren’t so spun to appear that things were being done “for the public good”. Just be honest and say, “Hey, we’re losing a load of money to illegal fakes and we want to protect our patents and our markets”. I can respect that.