After a little over two months on a salt-free lifestyle, I must say that food once again tastes pretty good, although it lacks the “sizzle” it once did with salt. This is actually a good thing; I’ve found that I have no desire to overeat and that I get satisfied with much less food than before.

There are nevertheless, certain foods that absolutely scream for a little salt: A fresh tomato, an egg, almost all soups, but especially bean soups, popcorn, ketchup (I made a homemade salt-free ketchup recipe and it tasted absolutely horrific!), plus a few others.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Italo brought me a bottle of Heinz No-Salt ketchup from the USA, featuring a salt-replacement called AlsoSalt. I wasn’t hopeful. AlsoSalt is made of potassium chloride, and while it tastes like salt, it also has a very bitter metallic aftertaste. To my astonishment, the Heinz No-Salt ketchup was indistinguishable from their regular ketchup; with absolutely no artificial aftertaste.

I went on a quest to find the maker of AlsoSalt and to my great pleasure they sell the stuff on-line. My order arrived today; one regular version and one butter-flavored. The folks at AlsoSalt were kind enough to also throw in a whack of small sample packs for me to give away.

I used the butter-flavored AlsoSalt on my fresh corn at lunchtime, and the regular AlsoSalt on my green salad. Wonderful and completely indistinguishable from regular salt.

As a health bonus, AlsoSalt provides a wonderful dose of potassium; a substance most of us are quite deficient in our diets, and a key element in neural conductivity (along with sodium and calcium).  If you’re of a certain age and on a diuretic, you’ve certainly had your doctor tell you to get more potassium by eating bananas, tomatoes, etc. This is because potassium is easily washed away in the extra urine triggered by the diuretic.  And even if you’re not on a diuretic, extra potassium is an essential counterbalance to the sodium in your diet by maintaining the healthy sodium/potassium ratio needed for optimal neuroconduction.

But I did notice something very interesting when I used the AlsoSalt on my corn and salad. It was unnecessary! Strangely enough, I no longer needed my food to be saltier and I was actually liking it better without the salt! Obviously, corn and greens aren’t among those substances that need extra salt…for me. Can’t wait to try the stuff on tomatoes and an egg though.