Courtesy of Mr. Dario, our inveterate Astoria dweller, New Yorkphile, foodie, crazed biker, and master photographer, comes this site dedicated to everything Astoria. In particular, this piece about the Top 40 sandwiches in Astoria/LIC (Long Island City for you non-New Yorkphiles), features some absolutely mouthwatering creations, many of which can be done at home (Hell, they can all be done at home!).

My favorite (in my dreams at least) is the foie-gras sliders, #39, pictured above.

We were hosting a dinner party a few years ago and I decided to do an appetizer of seared foie-gras. I carefully sliced the whole raw duck liver lobe that I had bought ($120) into half-inch thick pieces, heated up my pan, and once the heat was at the right temperature, quickly added the foie-gras slices. But I didn’t know that you were supposed to flip them over almost immediately, and to my horror, they all melted into a liquid goop within a few seconds.

Suffice it to say that there was no appetizer that night. I did however mix the melted foie-gras into the dog’s food; Asta was licking her chops for hours afterwards. And I gained a new respect for the role of timing in cooking.