This is a monster of a boar shaving brush. Had I taken the picture myself, I’d have put it side by side with a normal-sized brush so that you could see the scale of this thing. It’s huge. And it comes with a stiff, whisk-broom of boar bristle. If you’re a user of a quality badger brush, this thing will appear extremely unlikely to provide a good lather, much less a comfortable application of same to one’s delicate visage. You would be wrong on both counts.

I’ve been using the Mitchel’s Wool far shaving soap for the last couple of weeks, and I must confess that none of my “quality” brushes can pull and build as good a lather from that iconic soap puck. This thing creates a massive, slick, Santa Claus beard of lather, that cushions even the deadly Feather blade, and produces some of the best shaves on the planet.

Best of all, it sells for about $15 everywhere.