Like many middle-aged people I don’t get the Twitter thing. I started my blog some four years ago, and I use email quite heavily. Email is the predominant communication tool of business, so one doesn’t really notice the phenomenon which I’ve read about, that people under 30 use very little email, preferring instead to text.

These last few days I’ve had occasion to text my wife and daughter on several occasions. Sitting this afternoon at Kaizen sushi having a late lunch while I await my next meeting, I noticed a very trendy couple sitting at the table across from mine. They ordered a massive quantity of sushi, maybe $200 worth, touched a few rolls and left the rest for garbage. I wanted to comment on the waste, but felt that writing a long piece like this was too arduous and time consuming for such a quick observation. Then it hit me! That’s it! Tweeting is like blogging for texters. Instead of developing an idea, you just throw it out to your friends for discussion (if they’re interested), and THEY help you develop it through an exchange of tweets. And if no one picks it up, then you haven’t wasted anyone’s time with drivel like this.