I’m a pretty lazy guy; I don’t really like exercise, although I do love outdoor biking, kayaking,  and cross-country skiing in season. Working out at a gym however is anathema, and I only do it when I feel I’ve reached a particularly low point in my fitness and health (often in the late Fall or early Winter, when neither biking, kayaking, nor CCS are feasible).

We know that obesity is now a pandemic, and that in fact, dieting doesn’t work because you can only take the body so low in calories before it actually rebels and makes you eat even more. So, in truth, it’s not that we eat all that much, but rather that we are far less active than we need to be.

This truth struck home today as my wife and I stopped for money at the bank on our way to the hippie market. The bank is next door to a Tim Horton’s doughnut shop. On this sleepy and overcast Saturday morning the parking lot was nearly empty, as was the shop itself except for one elderly gentleman sitting at a table. You could see the staff hanging about behind the counter waiting for customers. OTOH, the drive-through had a lineup of about 10 cars, slowly crawling their way past the order panel and take-out window!

Are there people so lazy that they’d rather wait in a drive-through line for 15 minutes rather than park the car and physically get out and get their order in 60 seconds? That was a rhetorical question since the answer is rather obvious.