My good friend, Kyriacos Markides, is a highly respected sociologist who has studied Christian mystical experiential traditions “at the source”, with monks and other seekers of what modern Psychology calls “the transpersonal experience”, i.e., how human beings find life meaning that transcends death.

He has published many very readable books on the topic, including my favorite, The Mountain of Silence. I am eagerly awaiting his new book.

Now, in a rare event, The Newforest Institute in Maine is hosting an all-day workshop with Kyriaco, for the nominal sum of $30, covering lunch. In other words, pretty much for free. I have excerpted the announcement of the event below. I have heard Kyriaco speak on many occasions and he is terrific. The topic is also fascinating, especially for those who have been under the false impression that one needs to look to the East (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) for guidance in direct experience of universal truth. If you can make it, book ASAP as it’s next week.

The Mystical Spirituality of Eastern Christianity with Kyriacos Markides, an
ESTIA benefit workshop at Newforest Institute
Saturday, October 29th, 9:30-4:00
Newforest Institute
66 Monroe Highway
Brooks, Maine
$30.00 lunch included

Professor Kyriacos C. Markides continues a 30-year exploration of Christian
mysticism through his participant observation work with charismatic healers,
monks, hermits and celebrated living saints of Eastern Christianity. In this
workshop he will show us that there is a clearly identifiable experiential
mystical tradition within Christianity that has been practiced for hundreds
of years in ancient monasteries and convents, yet is little known to Western
seekers who assume authentic spirituality could only be found in eastern
religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. We will explore this tradition and
examine such topics as the way to know God according to the teachings of the
great Christian saints; the illnesses of the heart that prevent us from knowing
God and who we truly are as human beings; the spiritual laws that govern human
existence; the destiny of the human soul; and the different stages one must go
through before attaining God realization. We will also learn about the power of
thought and how to protect ourselves from negative thought forms; and be
introduced to special meditation and prayer exercises for spiritual healing.

Kyriacos C. Markides, Ph.D. is a Professor of Sociology at the University of
Maine and author of nine books published by leading publishers in the United
States and the UK. Six of his books, including The Mountain of Silence and
Gifts of the Desert are on Christian mystics, spiritual guides, and elders
of Eastern Christianity. Professor Markides books are widely read and have
been published in twelve other countries and languages. He has given regular
lectures and workshops around the United States, Canada and overseas and
appeared on national and international television and radio programs. His
latest book Inner River: A Pilgrimage to the Heart of Christian Spirituality
will be published by Random House/Image Books on March 16 2012. He lives
in Stillwater Maine with his wife, Dr. Emily J. Markides, Adjunct Assistant
Professor of Peace and Reconciliation Studies at the University of Maine and
founder of ESTIA.

ESTIA The International EcoPeace Community is a Maine-based non-profit
organization that promotes and facilitates sustainability and peace through
education. Since 2004, ESTIA has been a catalyst for the promotion of peace
and sustainable living through many community-building and innovative learning
opportunities in many parts of Maine and beyond, reaching as far as Hawai’i
and Cyprus. ESTIA has connected, influenced, and inspired many students,
community members, and community and university leaders.

The Newforest Institute is an educational non-profit organization dedicated
to restoring the traditional balance between people, communities, and the land.
Newforest serves as a northeast hub for permaculture and maintains a teaching
and demonstration facility located on 300 acres of forests, fields, and permaculture
gardens in the village of Brooks in mid-coast Maine.