The verdict is in. The card group unanimously agreed that the sticky rib recipe is a “definite redo”. Accolades included: “Best ever”, “Mmmmm”, and “Yum”.

One tip: When you add the cup (or two) of water to deglaze the pan after the ribs have finished the oven-roasting portion of their cooking, it’s essential to remove all the fat from the resulting liquid (preferably in a defatting cup if you have one, as it is most efficient).

And there will be  a lot of fat! The moist braising in the oven is very efficient at removing most of the fat, and you don’t want to find this back in the beautiful glaze that you’re going to make by reducing the juices with the balsamic vinegar. BTW, these ribs get very lean as a result of this process, yet gain an amazing tenderness.

A defatting cup is one of the most useful tools to have in your cook’s armamentarium, especially if you make stock from bones and carcass leftovers. And many professional chefs will tell you that good, homemade stock is the real secret to most high-end food. The beauty of this device is that you can throw everything into your pot, even greasy, fatty bits, and not worry about how you’ll get all the fat out. A defatting cup allows you to produce a clean, and virtually fat-free stock in minutes with almost no effort.