When I lived at home with my parents, every 1st of the month my grandmother would wish me, “Good start to the month” (translation from the Greek, ‘Kali protominia’).

Most diets begin on a Monday, or first of the month, or Christmas Day (birth), Easter Day (rebirth), or other holiday. It’s as if we accumulate all kinds of psychological garbage (e.g. personal failures) during any given time period, and then have a profound need to flush it away and make a fresh start.

And taking it a step further, confession, fasting, and detoxification programs, all operate on the same principle of cleansing and starting anew. Perhaps these are all part of the fact that as living beings we consume, transform, and excrete a constant flow of materials that fuel our metabolism and respiration (energy transformation). This flow is life itself and we often hear psychological expressions that mirror our biology, e.g. “I’m “blocked”, “He’s very anal”, “I can’t digest this information”, “I can’t swallow this event”, etc.

So, our psychological lives become extensions of these basic biological functions – the need to consume, transform, and excrete the waste.

Kali protominia.