Today’s Montreal Gazette features an ad for the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the legendary car-maker’s entry into the “affordable” segment. The ad features financing at 0.9% on a 36 month lease, with monthly payments of $2995*. Of course, the * points to the fine print in the ad, confirming that this fantastic low price is predicated on a 15% deposit on the car’s “economy” price of $310,386, or some $50 grand if my math is right.

The ad does go on to add some perks for that price: 4-year unlimited-mileage limited warranty, complementary service, and, wait for it……roadside assistance!!!

I question the wisdom of offering such a benefit as roadside assistance on a $310K car, much like I question the wisdom of having Wendy, in her magnificent obesity, advertising the same hamburgers that prematurely killed her dad from heart-disease. It reminds me of that “painless” hair-removal system from Israel (the one with the rotating spring that pulls the hair out from the root) that came with a “soothing” cream. Huh?? If it’s painless why does it need soothing?

I mean, even if you do offer roadside assistance, shouldn’t it be hidden somewhere in the fine print or as a last-minute afterthought in the sales person’s spiel. Like, do I even want to broach the possibility that my $310K car could break down during its first four years???? I mean, how would you feel if the parachute you just bought for your big jump had “Return to manufacturer if defective” emblazoned on it?

Poor salesmanship in my opinion.