It’s been three years since our beloved Briard, Asta, died at the ripe old age of 11. We’re at an age, 5-7 years away from retirement, when a puppy and it’s 10-12 year commitment really doesn’t fit with our long-term plans. For example, the condo we’re considering purchasing in the coming months, doesn’t allow dogs over a certain small weight.

But we really miss the dog. It was great security, wonderful company, and a reason to exercise. And we’re hung up on Briards; once you’ve owned one it spoils you for any other breed (and we’ve had 2 German Shepherds, plus an Airdale). This brings us to the question of re-homing an older dog.

A local Briard breeder has been considering re-homing her 5 year old male. He has a slight underbite which lets him out of show competition, and she has four other Briards at home. She’s been looking for just the right family and we seem to have hit it off. First and foremost, we’re no strangers to this unique breed and understand its peculiarities and needs.

Tonight we reached an agreement to give it a go for a few weeks. On Saturday we will pick up Byzou (pictured above) and see how he does in the new surroundings of our home. It will be a challenge. He’s used to a one-acre fenced-in lot in the country, and we have a 1/4 acre unfenced lot in the burbs! These are big dogs (70-80 lbs) and need lots of space. He’s not used to doing his “business” while on a leash. And, he’s “intact” i.e. not castrated, so the many dogs that pass by our home every day will certainly pump up his testosterone; will he attack?

We’ll see how it goes. Winter is coming and I don’t look forward to middle of the night excursions if he needs to “go”.