Few razors in recent years have captured the imagination of shavers more than those from a fledgling entrepreneurial start-up who dared to believe that you could take on the big boys and create a modern masterpiece that could out-shave them all. And yet, such is the story of IKON razors.  The web site is primitive, the prices outrageous. But oh, these razors are gorgeous to look at and handle.

Egmac has posted some stunning photos of the IKON S3S on Simplyshaving.net (from which the photo above is excerpted). Well worth a look at the rest of his shots.

The S3S has been sold out for some time now, and it took lots of detective work to find one. I thought I had scored a few weeks before Christmas when the owner of IKON, Greg Kahn, informed me that he had just received a shipment from the workshop and that I could get one in time for the holidays (my wife wanted to buy it for my Christmas present). But his shipment was held up in customs with no chance of clearance in time.

Just days ago, I found one from a private vendor who had received one as a gift at the same time as he had bought another one for himself. Hurried negotiations were made, FedEx dispatched, and the razor arrived yesterday.

It is by far the heaviest razor I have ever handled, carved from solid block of stainless steel, with no welding together of pieces; its three parts fit and screw together with the low tolerances of an F1 racing engine.

Leisureguy has been using and reviewing the razor for a few months now. Check out his blog: Type in S3S in the search bar and you’ll get lots of hands-on reviews.

I will shave with it today, whereupon  my wife will gift-wrap it and place it under the tree for Christmas day (yes, she is pretty pissed at my lack of self control).