Our Briard puppy arrives today from Vancouver. She has a tough day ahead: 4 AM presentation to WestJet Animal Cargo, for a 6 AM flight to Calgary where the dog will change planes for the 5 hour flight to Montreal. She is scheduled to arrive in Montreal at 5:35 PM and will then be transported to another facility off-airport for pickup around 6:15. With the time differences between the two coasts, this makes for an 11 hour day in a carrier with no food or walk, sitting in her own pee and poop. No fun.

She will then exit her carrier into the cold and snow (compared to balmy Vancouver), and meet these weird strangers (us) and a home filled with strange smells and sounds. The breeder has warned us that the dog will be very upset and not too friendly.

Thus begins the new life of a family pet. Pictures to follow.