I hate Winter. No, that’s too mild…I despise Winter. For years I faked it, and like a good Canadian, pretended to like Winter, immersing myself in skiing (both downhill and cross-country), the Quebec City Carnival, and ice-skating on Beaver Lake.

I’ve skied from the top of Mont-Tremblant in a searing wind at -55C, and taken shits in frozen log-cabin outhouses in the middle of the night, simultaneously patting myself on the back for my very Canadian attitude of coureur-des-bois toughness, and wishing I were on a warm sunny beach or at the very least under my blanket watching TV at home with the fireplace on.

About the only good things I can say about Winter are:

1. There are no bugs (although finding a bat who had awoken from hibernation and glued itself to my bathroom wall a couple of years ago, makes that a somewhat equivocal statement).

2. The “mud room” serves as an excellent additional refrigerator for all that excess hot soup that I have to make to stave off the Winter chill.

But what suffered most in Winter was my photography. My intense personal dislike of Winter was like photographic anti-Viagra. I would take my camera with me everywhere and would always return with wonderful Winter scenes that subconsciously repelled me because of their reminder of how much I actually hated Winter. As a result, I have virtually no Winter photographs, except for some that I took many years ago and never look at.

Fall and Spring are my favorite times photographically, mainly because the light is sharp and coming from a lower angle than in the Summer, produces wonderful shadows. The Winter also offers that nice light, but, like I said…….

A distant Spring is already in the air, and this morning I actually noticed the changing light, coming in from a different angle and catching the mantlepiece in a glorious interplay of light and shadow. Ah, Spring…when men young and old dream of bikes, bikinis, and BBQ’s.