My wife hates to go anywhere with me. It seems that (according to her) my every moment is spent looking at things and asking the questions, “Why is it this way?”, and “How could it be done differently and better?”. It’s an occupational habit that has transcended my personal life so that the two are now seamless. I can’t separate analyzing a business for pay, from actually enjoying something I’ve paid for. A good case in point is hotels. I can’t say I’ve ever really enjoyed a hotel stay because what are minor inconveniences to others are glaring and painful deficiencies to me.

It turns out though, that these various and sundry deficiencies are actually stubbornly resistant forms of passive aggressiveness on the part of people, companies, organizations, etc., hell-bent on doing what they are convinced is the right thing, despite the reality of how it actually doesn’t work.

This is a fascinating piece on public washroom design and how it actually links to the media. Huh? Yup. Read it here.

I don’t know who said this, but it’s right on: “In principle, there’s no difference between principle and reality, but in reality, there is”.